A new season for the Punters

A new season for the Punters.

The Northern Regions Soccer League is a few months away, and excitement has already started to build up for the 2024 season. The MWOS FC players were seen getting back to training on Wednesday as they began preparations for an intense and thrilling season ahead. There are a lot of expectations for the Punters to deliver this season, and the players and coaching will need to be in great shape to deliver on those expectations.

The Punter’s debut season in Division One was one to remember. MWOS FC managed to bag a top-four finish, ahead of some big names in the league. After that huge accomplishment for the then-debutants, they now look to the season ahead, as they want to use the experience they gained last season to better themselves this year. One area the Punters will need to work on is their home form. They won more matches away than at home. If they are able to turn around their home form and win more at home, they will surely contest for the title.

There were no shortage of goals last season. The Punters scored a total of 46 goals, the second highest goal scored behind the Golden Eagles, who had 48 goals. Arthur Banda was the top goal scorer with a total of nine goals, followed by Skipper Chris Samakwere, who had six goals. The Punters had different goal scorers throughout the season, with almost every player in the squad scoring a goal at some point during the season. This is an indication that the boys can score, but they equally need to defend during the upcoming season. They conceded a total of 21 goals.

Lloyd Mutasa is extremely optimistic about the upcoming season. “It’s a new season, and we want to start the best way possible. We want to do well in training, and we want to do well on the pitch. We will try our best to prepare for the season ahead, and we are optimistic we can pull off good results.”

The Northern Region Soccer League has yet to release fixtures and dates for the 2024 season.