Sugar Malagaa

MWOS FC is deeply committed to football, not just at the competitive level but also in nurturing and discovering new talent from the grassroots. In alignment with this vision, MWOS FC is set to launch an academy aimed at fostering and developing the considerable football talent residing in Norton and its surrounding communities. This initiative is also part of MWOS FC's commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Recognizing the wealth of untapped potential in the area, MWOS FC plans to scout for young players, providing those with promise the chance to hone their skills within the MWOS FC Academy team. Notably, this pathway offers a unique opportunity: standout players may advance to play for the first team, thereby cementing their place in the world of professional football.

In 2024, an exciting evolution of this initiative will see the establishment of a youth team set to compete in the Mashonaland West Division 2 league. This strategic move is designed not only to inject fresh talent directly into the main team—reducing the need for external acquisitions—but also to empower the youth, helping them transform their passion for football into meaningful, rewarding careers.

The overarching mission of these initiatives is simple yet profound: to "catch them young," providing boys and girls alike with the coaching, support, and opportunities they need to pursue successful careers in football. Through these efforts, MWOS FC aims to be a beacon of hope and a pillar of support for budding footballers in Norton and beyond.