MWOS FC Welcomes Joseph “Shabba” Takaringofa

MWOS FC is delighted to announce the appointment of Joseph Takaringofa as our new first assistant coach. With a wealth of experience and an impressive coaching background, Tangarengofa is expected to play a crucial role in the development and success of our team.

A Highly Accredited Coach

Takaringofa brings with him an extensive list of credentials and licenses, making him a valuable addition to our coaching staff. He holds the prestigious CAF Licenses A, B, and C, demonstrating his commitment to continuous professional development and his understanding of the modern game.

Proven Track Record

Having taken the helm at several reputable clubs in Zimbabwe, Takaringofa has built a solid reputation for his coaching abilities. He coached at Buffaloes F.C. in 2015, where he showcased his tactical acumen and leadership skills. During his tenure, the team achieved notable success, earning praise for their cohesive playing style.

In 2017, Takaringofa made a move to Mutare City Rovers. He successfully guided the team through a challenging season and helped them secure significant victories. His ability to motivate players and instill a winning mentality was instrumental in their progress.

Most recently, Takaringofa served as the head coach for Harare City. Under his guidance, the team displayed great determination and resilience on the field, showcasing their potential and earning recognition within the football community.

The Next Chapter

As Takaringofa joins MWOS FC, we are excited about the prospects of what lies ahead. His expertise and experience will undoubtedly strengthen our coaching staff, providing valuable insights that will contribute to the growth and development of our players.

Takaringofa’s proven track record of maximizing team potential, combined with his ability to foster strong player-coach relationships, aligns perfectly with our vision for MWOS FC. We are confident that his contribution will help elevate our team to new heights and help us achieve our goals both on and off the pitch.

Everyone at MWOS FC extends a warm welcome to Joseph Takaringofa and wishes him the best of luck in his new role. Together, we look forward to an exciting journey filled with success and memorable moments! #WelcomeTakaringofa

Stay tuned for more updates and news regarding our team and the upcoming season.