MWOS One Community Sponsors St. Eric’s U20 Soccer Team

In a magnanimous display of support for youth development and sports, MWOS One Community stepped forward as the sponsor of St. Eric’s U20 soccer team, propelling the young athletes from Norton into the spotlight of the national stage. The 2023 sponsorship came as a boon to the team, bestowing upon them not just the morale but the essential gear and resources needed for their pursuit of glory. The comprehensive sponsorship package included new kits for the team’s appearance at the matches held in Bulawayo and prior competitions, i.e., zonal, district, and provincial, and covered their logistical needs, including transport, accommodation, and food.

The impact of MWOS One Community’s support was felt profoundly as St. Eric’s team clinched the coveted Surrey-Proton National U20 competition title. The victory, secured by a narrow, yet decisive, one-goal margin against Mzilikazi, is a testament to the team’s skill and determination, undoubtedly fueled by the foundational backing of their sponsors. The win marks a milestone for the U20 squad, etching their names in the annals of the competition’s history and setting a precedent for the success of community-backed sporting initiatives.