Punters’ Captain Chris Smakweri and Goalkeeper Kelvin Shangiwa Share Insights Ahead of Crucial Herentals U20 Clash

As MWOS FC gears up for a pivotal match against Herentals U20, team captain Chris Samakweri and goalkeeper Kelvin Shangiwa sat down to discuss their thoughts and expectations for the upcoming game, reflecting on an eventful first half of the season.

Chris Samakweri, the seasoned midfielder known for his leadership on and off the pitch, expressed confidence in the team’s current form. “We’re approaching the last match of the first half of the season with great optimism. Our fighting spirit and form have been solid, and we’re positive about securing a good result against Herentals U20,” Samakweri stated, emphasizing the team’s readiness for the challenge ahead.

When asked about the responsibility of leading the team, Samakweri, who shares the team’s top goal scorer title with teammates Arthur Banda and Tafadzwa George, remarked on the importance of leading by example. “It’s crucial for the younger players to see experienced ones like me still scoring and contributing significantly. It boosts morale and showcases the vibrant spirit within the squad,” he noted, highlighting his four-goal achievement this season.

Kelvin Shangiwa, goalkeeper, praised the team’s defensive solidity, attributing much of their success to the backline comprising Evidence Tendayi, Tafadzwa Nyabunzwe, and Tafadzwa Jera. “Our defense has been exceptional, providing confidence to the whole team and allowing us to push forward,” Shangiwa said, expressing his trust in the defensive unit.

Both players also acknowledged the emergence of young talents within the squad, pointing to players like Clive Kwangwari, Tadiwa Ndlovu, and Aristotol Manyamba as key contributors to the team’s depth. “Seeing these youngsters step up has been fantastic. It not only showcases our talent pipeline but also ensures we have a strong foundation for the future,” Shangiwa added.

Reflecting on his critical double save in the recent match against Black Mambas, Shangiwa shared, “It was about being in the right position and relying on instinct. Our training drills play a significant role in preparing us for such moments.”

As MWOS FC prepares to face Herentals U20 at Mukushi Sports Club, the team’s captains are optimistic about continuing their positive run and maintaining pressure at the top of the league. With leadership, experience, and youthful energy on their side, the Punters are ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in their pursuit of league success.